[Te Koop] Thomson Speedtouch 716 V5 WL ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ modem router

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Thomson Speedtouch 716 V5 WL ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ modem router

Berichtdoor keerekeerweere » 17 Apr 2017, 22:58

Vanop zolder nog deze modem router gevonden.

Object + omschrijving: Thomson Speedtouch 716 V5 WL ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ modem router

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Vaste prijs: 15,- EUR

Locatie: Opwijk

Mogelijkheden tot verkrijgen + Verzendkosten: Bpost: 5,- EUR, Kiala: 4,5 EUR, afhalen in Opwijk, afspraak in Brussel centrum

Is enkel geschikt voor PSTN ADSL en ADSL2(+), niet voor VDSL en of vectoring of dergelijks.
Heeft wel een VOIP ingebouwd. je kan er de analoge telefoontoestellen mee gebruiken.

Is bijna niet gebruikt en werkt perfect.

Wat specs:

Speedtouch 716 V5 WL ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+

Gateway Integrated multi-mode ADSL modem, supporting:
ADSL over POTS for a SpeedTouch™ADSL/POTS variant)

One RJ-11 port for ADSL/POTS

A USB 1.1 port to connect one PC over USB
Four RJ-45 ports for managed 10/100Base-T Half-/Full-duplex autosensing MDI/MDI-X Ethernet switch
Wireless LAN: IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi compliant access point on the SpeedTouch™716v5 WL
Power inlet

Two Voice over IP (VoIP) ports allowing high quality Internet telephony
A PSTN port allowing regular phone calls

ADSL compliance: G. handshake, Full Rate ADSL, G.dmt, G.lite (splitterless ADSL), ADSL2, RE-ADSL and ADSL2+
Up to 16 simultaneous PVCs, allowing multiple simultaneous destinations
ATM QoS per PVC: CBR, VBR-rt, VBR-nrt, UBR
RFC 1483 / 2684 multiprotocol encapsulation over AAL5 / ATM: both LLC / SNAP and VC-based multiplexing supported

Multiport self-learning transparent bridge per IEEE 802.1D for LAN interconnect
Remote bridge ports are isolated from each other
Pre-defined bridge filters to WAN (no filter, no CPE-to-WAN broadcast, PPPoE only) and to LAN (no filter, multicast filter)

Multi-port (up to 16 PVCs) router
Static routing, automatic routes (PPP, LAN)
IP address multi-homing

UPnP with NAT traversal capability:
enables game technologies (Xbox live, Direct X, and many others)
enables conferencing functions of Microsoft Messenger
Transparent bridging (IEEE802.1D)
PPPoE routing/bridging with integrated PPP Relay
PPPoA routing, PPPoA-to-PPTP relaying
IP routing with static routing, packet classified routing and residential RIP
Hyper-NAT with virtual server mapping (for instance for Web, FTP, Mail servers) and ALGs (such as NetMeeting, MSN Messenger, VPN passthrough, and others)
Quality of Service: IP QoS
Integrated Dynamic DNS client

PAP (RFC1334), CHAP (RFC1994) for PPP session
Integrated Stateful Inspection Firewall, Intrusion Detection
Parental Control, URL Filtering
Wireless security on SpeedTouch™716v5 WL:
64/128bit WEP encryption, WPA-PSK
Wireless client registration/access control
Multi-level SpeedTouch™ access policies, Digest Authentication
Provider: Telenet Whoppa :200 Mbps Down, 20 Mbps Up
Modem/Router: Fritz!Box 7390, FRITZ!OS 06.30, WAN router op Telenet modem only

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